Tuesday, 19 January 2010

HQ - Gunnolf HackleDread

Hey all,

Thanks for stopping by. Some of you may know me as 73rd from my other blog dedicated to my Dark Angels

This is my first post here at Here Comes The Thunderwolf, and I thought I'd introduce my Wolf Lord, Gunnolf HackleDread. This model is comprised of various bits from old Orc Standard parts, to the head that comes from an old Chaos Marauder set. The knee pad also comes from the Chaos Marauder set and fitted nicely on to the Terminator Armour. Green stuff was used to rebuild parts of the cape and Wolf fur, and the other bits were from the Wolf Guard Terminator set. I plan to play test my current 500 points list so expect a break down of that in the very near future. Any comments are much appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by,

Silvermane (previously 73rd - Blame the call of the Wulfen)